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Chicago Muslim group erects massive billboards urging fellow Muslims to 'see something, say something' in a bid to fight terrorism

Monday, Jul 18th 2016
A Muslim group in Chicago has erected two massive billboards over the city's highways that they hope will fight terrorism and combat Islamophobia. The Association of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook paid almost $7,600 for the billboards, which went up on Sunday over Interstate 290 and I-55, the Chicago Tribune reported, and will be displayed for four weeks.
The signs read: 'Muslims to Muslims: See Something. Say Something. Save Innocent Lives.'
Talat Rashid, the association's founder, said the billboards call on Muslims to alert authorities if they suspect anyone of such acts. They are meant to show average Americans that Muslims don't condone terrorism, he said.
'It is time that we should go out and tell everyone that we are not what you hear and what you see,' Rashid told Fox News.
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