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Dolkun Issa questions Pakistan’s silence banning Muslims from observing Ramzan in Xinjiang

ramzan-7591By: ANI | Hong Kong | Published:June 28, 2016
Uyghur leader Dolkun Issa has questioned Pakistan’s silence on the Beijing imposed ban on Xinjian’s Muslim population from observing Ramzan. In a statement which has been widely circulated across East Asia, Issa said Pakistan which professes to be a soul mate of the World’s Muslims, is turning a blind eye to the terrible ban imposed on the majority Muslim population of Xinjiang, stopping them from observing any of the rituals associated with Ramzan. Questioning Pakistan’s silence on the issue, Issa wondered as to why the South Asian nation is silent about making any observation on this matter as it has been vocal for the rights of Muslims elsewhere. Issa added that ” Nothing stops Pakistan from talking about the plight of Muslims anywhere in the world but when it comes to Xinjiang there is complete silence even though the people there are suffering harsh religious prosecution.”
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