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Western Journalism Franklin Graham Demands Obama and Clinton Stop Denying The Truth About Islam

13442303 1183068911749288 413246040223536275 nBy Fred Maxwell June 29, 2016
Well known and respected evangelist Franklin Graham has been vocal in his criticism of the Obama administration and its unwillingness to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism. In a Facebook post Wednesday, Graham wrote concerning the recent attack in an airport in Istanbul, where 41 people lost their lives and up to 239 were wounded. “Seems to be more evidence of a peaceful religion,” Graham wrote sarcastically, as it is being reported that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are responsible for the horrific attack. Graham turned his attention to American leaders, saying that both President Barack Obama and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have denied for too long the reality that radical Islam is the primary source for such rampant terrorism. This denial, Graham claimed, has resulted in the loss of not only American lives, but of our allies across the globe. “President Obama needs to call this what it is and not what he wishes it would be,” Graham wrote.
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