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The French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, told to Muslim leaders, imams and activists that they must teach their people that “enlightened” Islam denounce terrorism.

France-Muslim-CommunityBy NEOnline/GK,
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve urged French Muslim leaders on Sunday to help in the fight against terrorism and teach their people the values of the “enlightened Islam.”
Reuters news agency, reported that Cazeneuve met with 400 Muslim leaders, imams and activists on Sunday to discuss about the ongoing fight against the possible radicalisation of some of the French Muslims.
Anouar Kbibech, head of France’s Muslim Council (CFCM), said that the unusual meeting of 10 Muslim federations and five grand mosques was arranged to “cry loud and clear” that the French Muslim community strongly condemns the violent Paris attacks.
According to Reuters, Cazeneuve, exposed the contradiction between Islam’s “Golden Age” of prominent philosophers and cooperation among religions, and nowadays perverted Islam of violence and fascism.
“It is your responsibility to revive this enlightened Islam to denounce the spiritual duplicity of the terrorists and those who follow them,” the French minister told the meeting. “You are the most legitimate and qualified to fight these deadly ideas … we must protect our youth from the spread of this stupidity,” he stressed.
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