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Utah Muslims: What Islam’s holy book really says — and doesn’t say — may surprise you

dt.common.streams.StreamServerBy PEGGY FLETCHER STACK | The Salt Lake Tribune, Jun 04 2016
What most Americans think they know about Islam's holy book is that it endorses violence against nonbelievers and the oppression of women. And on those issues, they surmise, it's way worse than the Bible. Because of such assumptions, Utah Muslims often get these questions: Where does the Quran say that people should blow themselves up for God? Where does it argue women should be kept inside or cover themselves completely? Or that Muslims should launch jihad against their enemies?
Answers: Nowhere — at least not without interpretive biases. What most Americans don't know about Islam's sacred volume is its statements about tolerance, its condemnation of suicide, its retelling of biblical stories with a twist (like how God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, not Isaac), its view that Jesus was a divine messenger who will be resurrected or its progressive-for-the-time approach to women's inheritance rights.
Or that the text was dictated by an angel. Apparently, lots of Muslims don't fully understand the book's meanings, either.
Shuaib Din, imam at the Utah Islamic Center in Sandy, believes churchgoing Christians know the Bible better than mosquegoing Muslims know the Quran. "The problem with many Muslims today," Din says, is that they see the Quran as a "blessed book and rewarding but not as personally life-changing or used to better society."
Starting Monday, though, more than a billion Muslims worldwide will have another chance to explore the text upon which their faith is built. To read more:

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